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Stones vs. Mountains

August 14, 2013

Not to worry, this is not a new, more complicated version of rock, paper, scissors, lizard, Spock. This is a small insight into my psyche for the last couple weeks and maybe we can come through this together.

A dear friend of mine posted this Max Lucado devotional a few weeks ago and it ripped all over me. My responses didn’t say anything about Lucado, it was all about where I have been the last few weeks.

The post was exactly this:

In Mark 5:23, Jairus pleads with Jesus, “My daughter is dying. Please come, heal her so she will live.”

He doesn’t barter with Jesus. He doesn’t negotiate. He just pleads. He asks Jesus for His help. And Jesus, who loves the honest heart, goes to give it. But before they get very far, they’re interrupted by emissaries who tell them, “Your daughter is dead. There’s no need to bother the Teacher anymore.”

Get ready. Hang on to your hat. Here’s where Jesus takes control. The Bible says: “But Jesus paid no attention to what they said.” I love that line! He ignored what the people said. Why don’t you do that? When falsehood, accusations, or negativism come, just ignore it. Close your ears. Walk away. Ignore the ones who say it’s too late to start over. Disregard those who say you’ll never amount to anything.

Jesus said to Jairus what He says to you: “Don’t be afraid—just believe!” “Trust Me,” Jesus is pleading. “Just trust Me.”

Max Lucado, He Still Moves Stones

Now, I don’t have my response recorded but I can recall it pretty closely. I responded such:
I am so frustrated by Max this week, it seems everything I read from him, he is minimizing the miraculous. It wasn’t just a group of people being negative or bringing falsehood. That little girl was dead. I am not talking about negativity or small problems. I need a life and death Jesus. I don’t want to limit God to stones, I need a God who still moves mountains.

Through all of that righteous indignation in my tone, here is where my head and heart had been– I was repeating my brain scans. My least favorite thing to do. I have needed a small miracle every time I have been in the MRI scanner to get though it without having a complete come apart. What if the melanoma has spread to my brain? What if the melanoma has spread to my brain? What will we do if the melanoma has spread to my brain?

Do you see the maybe not so subtlety there? I was doing the the very thing I was complaining about. God, I can trust you for a miracle as long as it fits inside my parameters of how You can work. Surely, God can heal my body of melanoma, but my brain is a whole different thing!

I was driving home from work the day before my MRI, not really focused on anything and I heard a voice deep in my spirit in a worried affectation saying ” What am I going to do? What if it is in her brain? What am I going to do? I mean, melanoma is one thing, but brain mets? What am I going to do?” And I just started laughing. Out loud, alone in my car. I was laughing at the Holy Spirit for teasing me. Teasing me and teaching me the exact same lesson that He taught Jairus. JUST TRUST ME!

So, I am taking God out of the box. I am trusting Him.

What is limiting you from letting God do something good for you? Are your problems too big for him to handle? Are they not big enough to bother God?

Problems big or small, you are still God’s favorite kid.

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  1. August 14, 2013 9:22 am

    I love your honesty and your heart! However, I never ever thought you were ranting! In my mind a very simple comment. I love your blog! You never fail to inspire or make me think! Keep on sharing and blessing all of us. I love you, sweet friend. Keeping you always in my prayers.

    about an hour ago · Like

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