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It is not Mother’s Day!

May 15, 2013

Happy Tuesday After Mother’s Day!

I am writing this a little belated because I have been busy and distracted and celebrating Mother’s Day since Sunday.

By celebrating, I mean remembering and missing my mother and reveling in how big my kids have gotten and how, overnight, they seem to have moved from the baby category to the kid category. They are amazing.

This is the third time the calendar has passed this day since my mother died and it is one of my sister’s hardest days. It is actually a difficult day for both of us, I think, but this year the gut wrenching missing has turned into melancholy reminiscence. I haven’t decided if it is better, worse, or just different.

The outcome of this melancholy has turned into some industriousness in honor of my mother. I made strawberry jam and relish this week. Like, put it in jars and canned it and everything. I think my mother would be proud of me and laugh at me a little bit,too. Yes, there was a lot of canning and “putting up” when I was growing up but it was as much out of necessity as anything else and while I am completely corporate and modern, I like the availability of having things at my disposal that I can list all of the ingredients and that I made all by myself. That and it’s yummy. And I have another week before I go back to work and I am going a little bit stir crazy.

Anyway, Happy Mother’s Day,

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