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Watch out, here comes CANCER GIRL!

June 6, 2012

We were at the pool with the kids a lot this last weekend.  I love the pool because while it is a bit of a chore to actually get us all there and not in tears (Amelia as much as Mommy, sometimes), it is really easy to watch them, let them enjoy themselves, and wear their little butts out for an extra long afternoon nap or an early bedtime.  That isn’t all bad, right?

This weekend Chris was on call and I was blessed with family and friends to hang with me and help out with the weekend stuff.  I don’t know about you but at my house weekend stuff entails entertaining and feeding small children and a laundry marathon.  The whole crew (sans Daddy) went to the pool on Saturday and when Amelia got up the next morning the first words out of her mouth were ” We can go to the pool today with Daddy.  Daddy loves to play with Amelia in the pool.”  Of course, Daddy arranged his life to be at the pool with Princess Amelia (her new self titled moniker) after spending the morning at the hospital.

While we were at the pool, Chris and I both noticed a young kid, maybe twelve years old, with an obvious case of chemo baldness.  We were sitting in the baby pool keeping an eye on the princess while we were both watching this bald kid play with his friends.  After a little while, Chris leaned in and said “That kid would probably have made me a little anxious last summer. I would have watched to see if he needed help.  Now, he just looks like a superhero.”

I wish I were a superhero.  I want to be super.  This week, I feel normal.  Sort of.  Normal and blessed.

Last week, I was firmly planted in the Stage 3b category.  After spending over a month not knowing, finding one more thing that needed to be addressed or required further investigation, after having an irresponsible doctor hang up on me after telling me I had a 10 centimeter lesion in my lung (I did not) to actually having a 1.2 cemtimeter lesion in my lung, having the lymph node excision come back with microscopic lymph node metastasis, waiting, waiting, and more waiting.  Finally having a lung biopsy under general anesthesia and waiting, waiting, waiting for pathology, I have finally been officially downgraded from a probable stage 4 to a definite stage 3b.

It improves the numbers immensely.  It rolls me back from two surgeries to just the one.  It keeps me in the same clinical drug trial.  It makes me FEEL better.  It makes the situation FEEL more manageable.

My lung lesion turned out to be histoplasmosis.  Fungus inhaled from bird poop.  Fungus rampant in the Ohio River region. Fungus as common as allergies in Western Kentucky. Ahhh, my old Kentucky home.  The absolute best response I got about the histoplasmosis “I guess it is true what they say, you can take the girl out of Kentucky, but you can’t take Kentucky (bird poop) out of the girl.

So, Stage 3b.  Not stage zero, but finally trending toward some good news.  This week, I feel like I don’t have to be a superhero. I can just be me.  Me, with a little bit of cancer.  Me, not eaten up with cancer.  Still Cancer Girl.  Just me.


I have been wondering what my super power might be and what kind of costume I might wear to protect my identity.  Any ideas?


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  1. Hope permalink
    June 6, 2012 3:07 am

    Any costume you want. You might go as the burger-burgler. I know angel is out ( I worked with you,remember?) but desptite the red hair, I don’t see you as a devil.

  2. June 6, 2012 4:34 am

    Whatever costume you end up with, make sure it’s at least SPF 50+. Super Ginger.

  3. Jennifer permalink
    June 6, 2012 7:04 pm

    You know you are a superhero to Amelia…:) So thankful the lesion was just from “bird poop”. So many things are just out of our control. Praying for you continuously!!!

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