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Man, this feels a lot like work!

April 6, 2012

We have been very busy at our house the last few weeks. We have has illness, travel, new teeth, new beds, and in many cases new attitudes—and not necessarily in a good way. I had a suspicious looking mole cut off my leg that, frankly, was worrying me more than I would like to admit. We have had budget negotiations (internal), grocery shopping, toy assembly, birthdays, diaper, diapers, baths, and more diapers. We have washed dishes and folded laundry and cleaned toilets and vacuumed floors. We have also put in 40+ hour work weeks. I am guessing that my schedule is looking a whole lot like everyone else’s with maybe the exception of a piano lesson or ball game thrown into the mix.

A couple nights ago we were sitting at the dinner table with Amelia once again declaring that food she has eaten with gusto for the last year is suddenly “Yucky” and Tenzing screaming at the top of his lungs because the carrots and peaches isn’t being shoveled in at his desired rate. I looked at Chris and said “This feels a lot like work”. He didn’t even comment he just raised one eyebrow and rolled his eyes and continued eating his supper.

I was at the dermatologist having my aforementioned moley moley moley removed and was telling her that it appeared while I was pregnant and I had been watching it grow and bleed for the last several months but I just had a hard time getting in to getting something done. I wasn’t complaining or whining, or even making exaggerated excuses, I was just explaining. She swung her hand over her head to the two large photos on the wall. “See those two” she said, “They are 20 months apart and are now 7 and 9. They are just now starting to not feel like constant work.” It isn’t just me that gets lost in the daily-ness of every day.

Ahh! She gets it. I love my children and 15% of the time they are a joy and a delight and are just a pleasure. 25% of the time they are just work. The other 60% of the time they are some combination of the two. Plain and simple. They are chores and lists and errands. They are also new teeth and new words and two armed hugs and sloppy, wet open mouthed baby kisses. The last couple weeks the work seems to have overtaken the pleasure around the house.

I am not sure what to do during these times. Just enduring seems like a poor way to manage even if it is sometimes the only option. Instead, I choose to shake things up a little bit. This week my goal was to throw everyone off their balance and shuffle the deck. We had dessert in the middle of the week. We got Amelia into her big girl bed. Poor Tenzing didn’t get anything new and exciting. He got yogurt but he seems pleased so I am going to count it. Chris and I are playing a little hooky this afternoon and going to a movie.

Nothing big, nothing earth shattering, nothing earth shattering. Just going a little out of our way to enjoy ourselves. We are going to the grands this weekend to celebrate Easter and Birthdays. That will be special, too. It will probably wear me out, but it will be fun.

Here is my question: What do you do when life gets to be more work than pleasure? When the chores seem to be drowning out everything around else?

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  1. May 9, 2012 6:55 pm

    Here’s what I do………..I thank God that I am able to do the chores and I pray that He continues to bless me with common sense to juggle all the confusion!
    And, I smile alot because it makes me feel better about all of it!!

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