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A Treatise on Time A’Wasted

March 19, 2012

Can we talk for just a minute about wasted time? I have been seeing lots of comments about wasting time or time wasted of late and I think we need to examine our definition of wasted time and really see how much time we are wasting and how much time we are spending on things that may not be producing a tangible result but are not truly wasted.

I am in quality. Specifically, healthcare quality. What I do for a living is help people quantify and measure things that are not inherently measurable. Or at least not directly measureable. Marry that mindset with the fact that I was raised by a woman who thought that food for the soul was as important as food for the body and I am pretty good at rationalizing things like internet shopping where I don’t buy things and cruising Pinterest for good ideas or inspiration, or grazing from blog to blog seeing what other people are cooking, sewing, making, thinking about. THAT, in my mind, is not wasted time.

Wasted: done without achieving any purpose, not used or exploited when available

I present this argument to everyone who spends time in pursuit of relaxation, clearing their mind, filling their mind with other things, taking their mind off specific things, finding beauty, interest, or inspiration in any form other that directly purposeful and productive work. I argue that time spent in the endeavors that do the above things are not minutes wasted but minutes chosen to be spent in an esoteric manner. I purpose that time spent in such a way is only fully understood by those who have sought to alleviate stress, allay boredom, interrupt monotony in such a way that the casual observer does not fully grasp what they see. Sure, it may look like I have just blown an hour on my Google reader, but on further inspection, one will see that I have enriched my minds with other points of view, expanded my thinking with the exploration of new ideas and concepts. I have broadened my horizons with sights and sounds and ideas outside of my personal experience. That is the lofty purpose of the internet, the immeasurable achievement of all things entertaining and creative—to feed the soul with laughter, or beauty, or love.

I would argue that by NOT participating in these non-tangible enticements that you are in fact being wasteful. You are not fully utilizing and taking advantage of all those many things that are available to us but you are too busy performing tasks to really enjoy.

But if you are just playing Angry Birds, you really should get up and do some laundry!

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  1. Michelle permalink
    March 23, 2012 2:23 am

    You know. . . you’re right. I’ve discovered blogs that have completely changed my perspective, and I found them by surfing and exploring and clicking here and there. I’m a better mother because of the Internet, no doubt. Thanks. I’ll remember this.

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