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The Office of the Queen of the World

March 16, 2012

This is my current favorite room in the house. It is still a work in progress but I am absolutely LOVING it. Our office–Chris says it is his and I let him–faces west and has two floor to ceiling windows that look out onto the street. We have recently painted the walls “man cave” gray and it really makes the white trim pop! I feel so designer-y saying it pops! We also painted a whiteboard on the wall opposite the windows about three feet high at eye level and all the way across the room. Chris has set up the dual screen monitors, we have some nice brushed steel activity lighting and I just have a couple things left to do. I have to out up some book shelves and I have to trim out the whiteboard. And I have to find some curtains. I am going to paint the French doors a bright gold as well as the white board trim and maybe one or two other bright gold accents. I just love hanging out in here. It feels soooooo productive.

This is me working on Amelia’s birthday quilt. I may have become addicted to my sewing machine. More on that when it is finished.


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