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Another Word About Food…

February 9, 2012

I thought I had posted this and actually told a couple people to go look for it. Lo and behold, it was hanging out all alone in my draft folder. (okay, it wasn’t really alone)

So the question I am getting most frequently asked about is what exactly we are eating on this Bacchanalian food journey…

In an effort to share with you I am going to list everything I have eaten this week:
30 gm protein shake, diet coke
Leftover roasted chicken and baked lentils
Steak fajitas minus the tortilla

2 slices bacon, 2 eggs, two tomatoes
Thai beef with basil and curry soup
Grilled chicken salad

30 gm protein shake, diet coke
Chili, green salad
Jamaican curry chicken, black beans , slaw
( I couldn’t be bothered to cook Wednesday night so we went out. When I hack the recipe for that curry, I will share with the club!)

30 gm protein shake, homemade peppermint mocha latte
Grilled chicken salad
Roast pork, pintos, cornbread ( not on plan,but I am not on a diet, this is my life and when I want cornbread, I’m gonna eat cornbread, see how this works? Guaranteed I will still see a loss this week)

Scrambled eggs with bacon, spinach, tomatoes
Leftover pork and pintos
Chili with a little cheese and sour cream

Here is what I am planning:
Strawberry pancakes with bacon or a savory breakfast bread pudding– can’t decide
Leftover pork with tacos and cilantro lime slaw
Lasagna soup
Lots of brownies

Does that sound doable? All but one of those meals came from the crockpot or the freezer, including Saturday. I am still adjusting to the whole getting back into the work groove and so are Chris and the kids so I haven’t been spending any more time than necessary in the kitchen because my daughter wants to be touching me all the time. So much so, that she has set up the bottom shelves of the kitchen island as her very own “color picture” and stack things space. If only she could fold laundry. If only I could foldnlaundrybwhile she was awake.

Oh, well. Maybe Chris will fold laundry while he is off.

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