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Is the stuff that makes up mustard seeds!

February 8, 2012

I know a couple of people who are going through life events that are, frankly, the hardest thing that I can imagine. Read: I would much rather cut off an arm or a leg or a breast than a member of my family. One friend wrote to me that she was “giving up on hope” because she knew the miracle that she was praying for was not going to happen. My response: Don’t give up hope, just adjust your goal.

Easier to tell someone to do than actually DO. I know it. There is no segue here but—I am very fond of I love her pithy irreverence and she makes me laugh out loud. She also has inspired a red dress campaign. She is sending, and encouraging others to send, a red dress to someone who needs to be reminded that there is hope. I like that idea. I am going to send out a few red dresses of my own. They probably won’t be actual dresses but they will be red. Studies show (I am not citing them for you, you can google it yourself) that seeing red makes our heart beat a little faster, makes us feel more alive. I had a bright red housecoat once. I loved it. It was fluffy and bright and sometimes I didn’t even have to put it on. Sometimes it brightened my day just seeing it hanging on the back of the bathroom door. It made me sound like the little girl in Dispicable Me. You know–itsooooooooflufffy!

I don’t know about you but I could use some more feeling alive this week. I could use a reminder that hope is not idle or sentimental. Hope is substance, it is the birthplace of faith. It is the stuff that makes up mustard seeds! Do you know someone who needs to be reminded that hope is alive? Bust out some red—it’s everywhere right now what with Valentine’s Day and all. Share a little hope, give a little red. It will inspire a little extra hope in you, too!







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