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Progress check–January

January 29, 2012

This is a day late and a dollar short, read it anyway!

I am sitting on a bus full of my coworkers on the way to our annual company meeting and it is my first foray back into the working world after maternity leave. My how the last fifteen weeks has flown! Iit is the end of January already. how ya doing’ with those New Year’s goals?

I am going to give you an update on mine in the form of a list:

1. The weight loss and healthy eating campaign is going well. Since December I have lost 18 pounds and 15 inches.

2. The regular blogging thing is going well. I am not quite as consistent as I want to be but I am getting better and definitely posting more. If you like what you read, leave a comment. it encourages me–or you can just leave me not so subtle Facebook reminders when I have been absent for a while, Chrissy!

3. I have been working on hobby development–I have gotten my Mom’s sewing machine working and am mid-project. I have also made Miss A a hat. That worked out well. I am thinking of ying something a little more challenging but not too time consuming next.

4. I haven’t gotten anywhere on the fostering friendships and I am not surpised because I haven’t really quantified why that goal means to me or how to accomplish it.

5. I can’t think of a number five right now, but I am pretty sure that the listed things have been the only things that I have been working on up to this point.

6. Oh yeah–I remember now that my car tags was a New Year’s Goal. That may seem kind of silly to the average person but since mine were a full year expired, I thought they might need some emphasis. It took four trips to two different mechanics, but I am finally, once again street legal. Goal completed!

7. I have been toodleing ( that is a new word I just made up, I am still working on the spelling) with my camera and have a list of photos to take that will help me focus my efforts. It is suppose to be a thirty pictures in thirty days things, but I won’t have a chance to learn much if I rush through them so I am going to take it slow and learn.

How you doin’ ?

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  1. Crissy permalink
    January 30, 2012 6:06 pm

    you know…I do what I gotta do to keep you on track 🙂

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