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Now I’ve got to find a damn box!

January 28, 2012

I am home from company meeting and am reminded that I work for a great company. I spent the last 36 hours with a group of people who are like empployed, like valued, and mostly like motivated.

There were 900 people who were there to listen to what we were doing as a company and what direction we were going in the future. I should mention that the company is 100% employee owned so it really is a glorified stock holders meeting. We eat, drink, and be merry. We network and share ideas and issues. We occasionally are known to bitch and complain about something or another.

The unanimous opinion of the best presentation was from the two guys who brought us the coke/mentors fountain and the Letterman rocket car.

See some of their finest work here:

They were the lunchtime entertainment and I think far exceeded everyone’s expectations. Those two guys–a professional juggler and a dropped out trial lawyer were the one thing that everyone was talking about.

Their message was “everyone is creative” and they shared with us their process for creating viral videos and other creative “stunts” that are now either perceived as art or used for global mass marketing.

Here is the one sentence that I am taking home with me:
Think inside the box!

Meaning this: Don’t try to be a genius. If you want to create something, limit yourself to one or two constants and manipulate all the possibilities within that one constraint until they are exhausted. Then start all over and do it again. If the whole world of possibilities is open to you when you’re trying to solve a problem, you become overwhelmed and often paralyzed by the possibilities. If you limit yourself to a certain constraint, or box, you know that your options are finite and can begin to work your way through them.

Staying inside the box is safe and as such, liberating. You can do anything you want inside that box. Think of the possibilities.

They shared with us their current box: paper airplanes!

Are you stumped on something? I have one suggestion– go to the liquor store, get a box.

Or maybe they didn’t mean it literally…

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