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I thought PIPA was the ugly stepsister or something…

January 18, 2012



I am putting on my big girl panties today to get all political on you…

Today there are any websites and blogs that have gone dark in an effort to bring awareness to the SOPA and PIPA bill that is going to be voted on in the near term in Congress.  While I don’t really believe in the slippery slope argument that this is the beginning of the end of free speech and I am a weird conglomeration of Goldwater republican and conscientious libertarian, I thought I would take a minute this morning while T is still sleeping off his morning bottle and A is eating grapes with a fork (that will keep her busy) to ask you a few questions:

(You know I love a list)

1.  Does the government need to be responsible for policing personal internet sites for objectionable material, material that might infringe on a privacy law, or the misuse of such material when there is already a mechanism for reporting, investigating and punishing such offenses?

2.  Is the government in a financial position to pay someone to do this work and continue to pay more people to investigate and prosecute these offenses? (I see rooms full of master’s prepared engineers sitting in a gray office (Where’s my stapler?)

3.  Should a single individual complaint be able to shut down an entire page while a government investigation ensues?

4. Is copyright law and protected material law in serious need of revision to keep in time with current technology?

5.  Does the government have a plan to accomplish such a task and how will they keep a process current with emerging technology?

6.  How many millions of dollars have been spent in support of this legislation and by whom?   

I have waxed both eloquent and political for another two paragraphs but my daughter deleted them in her efforts to spare the government the hassle of redacting me.

In pursuit of happiness,




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