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I am back, baby!

January 3, 2012

I am back from a too long absence that I will publicly blame on the holidays and privately on my questioning whether or not I had anything to say and whether or not what I might have to say had any value.

I have had a crisis of writing the rambling of a no-body.  I don’t mean that in a self deprecating, I am not worthy attitude but from a place of do I really want to put the time and effort into this thing unless I truly feel like what I have to say has value.  I reverted to my blog purpose.  Even if it is only for my own personal review or the musings of my children, I believe it is important for me to keep record of becoming better.  And I continue to invite you along for the ride.

So it is in the New Year’s spirit of renewal I share with you my goals for 2012.

#1  Renew my car tags that currently say 2010.  I am working on it.  I failed my emissions test, of course.

#2  Focus on cultivating personal friendships outside of the internet.  I have realized in these last couple months of being at home that is an area that has room for improvement

#3  Learn how to use my camera–specifically, learn how to operate all the buttons and maximize its capabilities

#4  Put up or shut up when it comes to my body and my health.  Though it embarrasses me to write, I need to lose 50 pounds.  I am not in god shape and I am not getting any younger.

#5  Be consistent with recording my thoughts and actions toward these goals, here, for accountability to myself and for your edification and amusement.

I have a few more goals that I may share with you at some point this year but right now seem a little personal, I mean really, we haven’t talked in over a month!


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