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Back to the Grind?

November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving weekend is over and it was pretty lovely at our house. We had a smoked turkey that smelled wonderful when I brought it home on Wednesday evening but is now starting to wane. I can’t get that smoky smell out of my kitchen or off of my hands.

I have finally put the leftover turkey and smokey turkey broth in the freezer. We have had leftovers in their original format, turkey, cranberry pannini, and today, in the crockpot, turkey, spinach soup. After supper, no more turkey for a little while.

I am certain today that I am cooking tenderloin for Christmas instead of the traditional turkey and ham.

I have been thinking about traditions since Thanksgiving. We kept very few of them. We stayed home and it was just us chickens–one man on a computer, one woman in the kitchen, one toddler running screaming through the house, one infant intermittently crying with hunger and constipation. It was laid back and stress free and quiet. Exactly what we needed tis year what with all the working and recent baby birthing, but it just didn’t feel like Thanksgiving. That is until we sat down at the table with its familiar smells and tastes and gave thanks. Yep, it was definitely Thanksgiving.

Now it is Monday and Chris is off to work and there are things around the house that need to be done and someone has a doctor’s appointment so it is back to the grind that is the somewhat altered than usual grid because I am still on maternity leave.

What routines are you happy to pick back up today?

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