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The semi-coherent ramblings of a sleep deprived Mommy, in the form of a list, in G minor…

November 4, 2011

We have been home from the hospital with new baby boy for all of 16 days now and, frankly, I have no real complaints. I was doing really well with sleep, I thought, until deprivation hit me like a ton of bricks yesterday along with a significant hormone swing! Yay! Pray for Chris!

So here are the things that I think at 3 am in the morning when I have a very beautiful baby boy attached to my chest:

1. Babies smell good
2. I hate breastfeeding–really, I hate it. I thought last time it was that I wasn’t making enough milk and it was hard. Now I know that it just sucks. Oooo, sleep deprived Mommy can still make a funny!
3. There is nothing sexier than a bare chested man with a baby cuddled up on his chest. Whoever came up with this whole skin-to-skin idea had ulterior motives and mothers everywhere are reaping the benefits.
4. On a similar note, no sex for six weeks is harder than one might think.
5. Why idn’t someone tell me that Carla Hall from Top Chef was on a daytime talk show–WINNING!
6. I am so glad another season of Top Chef as started.
7. Why do they think they KNOW who the 7 billionth person actually is?
8. My husband is an awesome man–really, he rocks!
9. I am blessed beyond measure!

So, I am back from baby hiatus and just starting to get myself into a routine so hopefully I won’t get many more nudges reminding me to post!

Finally–Baby Boy Bachuss–Tenzing Christopher!!!

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