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My goal was not to leave the house and I failed, but only by a little!

September 5, 2011

This Labor Day weekend, my goal was for me and Amelia not to leave the house! The plan was to be part couch potato, part industrious nester and just relax and rest up for the next few weeks of waiting. And waiting. And waiting for this baby boy to make an appearance.

The rainy weather and overcast skies made for a great backdrop to my homebody weekend and I made a list Friday night of all the things I wanted to accomplish. These were the things on the list that actually got completed:
1. Whale art from Alaska that has been sitting in a drawer for the last seven years waiting for the right spot matted and hung in Tenzing’s room ( his room is almost finished and when it is, I will post some pics)

2. New piece of art that I bought at the Woodland art festival when I visited my sister a few weeks ago in a frame and hung–it is decidedly not hung but propped atop a set of book shelves because I can’t decide now where I want it.

3. Cookies baked–I was craving cranberry white chocolate and salted oatmeal white chocolate cookies. Again, my indecisiveness got the better of me and I made both.

4. Laundry and chores for the week up to snuff with a little extra in the way of dusting and clearing off some shelves and drawers– I have half of what I wanted in the shelves and drawers department completed and it is directly related to number five…

5. Take a nap everyday with Amelia– okay not exactly WITH Amelia as that kid is definitely a lone sleeper, but at the same time each day at least prone myself someplace cozy and relax with my feet up. Well worth the incompletion of number four!

6. Start putting a few things in the freezer because I was down to one package of ham and a few frozen vegetables. I have decided that at this stage in pregnancy, it just doesn’t make any sense for me to try to do a full blown cook day so I am going to try to put a few things in the freezer every weekend until I can no longer reach across the stove without setting my stomach on fire–that probably gives me about two more weeks!

That was what I accomplished on my list this weekend. I have decided not to tell you how many things were on my list that I did not accomplish, I want to give my life some mystery. That and the weekend isn’t officially over and I might do more things this evening and then would feel I had misled you!

This morning Chris said Mommy and Amelia both woke up grumpy so after Chris left for the hospital, Ms. A and I got ourselves dressed and went to Target. A is so easy in stores right now. She is happy just looking around and being friendly with people–as long as she isn’t hungry. So we enjoyed our little jaunt in the car, came home with much less grumpy in our trunk and new rugs for the kitchen floor.

Hope everyone had a happy and safe Labor Day!

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  1. Brenda permalink
    September 7, 2011 2:58 am

    Check out the site: http://www.5dinners1hour.blogspot. I’ve been doing this for the past several months. It’s not OAMC but it is 5 dinners for the week. Mike, who really only likes Beef and potatoes — preferably fried…. has thought most of the dinners were “okay”… high praise from him! He only at the green eggs and ham; eggs, canadian bacon and spinach.

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