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What not to do when you are eight months pregnant:

August 28, 2011

There are very few commonalities between this second pregnancy and the first one– I have a great big belly, I have terrible heartburn, my ability to sleep is directly proportional to the size of the baby in my womb. The other thing that I have noticed is the bigger I get, the more I want to shop for normal people clothes. Not in a store where I could actually be reminded by the multiple mirrors of what a ridiculous figure I cut in and among the normal shaped people clothes, I am drawn to the Internet. Very dangerous! The problem is really not that I want to buy clothes. I will need some season appropriate pieces to make me feel pretty after the baby comes, the problem is this is the furthest thing from my mind. I want to but skinny people, super cool clothes that I would not be able to wear in high school, let alone at my current–or soon to be current– post second baby, little bit squishy, haven’t had good exercise habits in several years body.

I created a whole pinterest board of things I want to buy for myself and then quickly removed everything. But on reflection, I think I might put it back. The pins are a nice safe–FREE–place for me to put some things on lay-away–does anyone else remember lay away? Then, my sister or any other well meaning pinterest follower can gently remind me that I am not 6’4″, that my BMI is not 16, and that I have hips–childbearing or not.

In other words folks, I have been pregnant so long, I have forgotten what I look like and just FYI I ate two loaves of banana chocolate chip bread in the last two days.

I hope you read this and smile. Then I hope you say a short prayer for my wallet and my waist!

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