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Bless me reader for I have slacked. It has been eleven days since my last post.

August 14, 2011

I don’t care what faith you are or if you have any faith at all, there are some things in life that are immutable facts and you might call it karma, you might call it sowing and reaping, you might not even recognize it as part of your existence but what you put out there comes back to you. Period. Let me describe how this has played out in my life since my last post:

When last we met, I was whining about a dresser that I found on craigslist that I didn’t go pick up and didn’t really love but what am I to do about Mr. T’s stuff?

THE. NEXT. DAY. a friend of mine offered to give me her child size dresser and chest if I would come and get it out of her attic. SWEET! it will go perfectly in the new baby room and my dad has volunteered to deliver it so I am out nothing.

Here is something else: I recently sent my friend who just had a little girl a bunch of Ms. A’s baby girl summer things that we couldn’t use anymore. In return, I was given three black trash bags full of baby boy things that are absolutely adorable and season perfect for an October kiddo!

I am not trying to preach, although I may in the future. I am just feeling blessed and appreciative of the good thiings in mynlife right now and was reminded of what I out there and hownit comes back. So take a minute when you read this about what you are putting out there and how it is coming back.  It is something that my parents taught me many times over and I have just been taking a few minutes this week to appreciate.

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