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Shark week and nesting just don’t mix!

August 3, 2011

Remember I told you that we set a date for Mr. T’s c-section?  Remember I told you that I really didn’t have anything ready and I worked better with a little pressure?  Well, the truth of the matter is, I have become a little bit obsessive about getting the nursery all prepared to the point that I am willing to make everyone in my house a wreck to get things done. 

Tonight is perfect case in point.  I found a dresser on craigslist that I didn’t love, but it would do.  I texted the owner–is texted the appropriate tense or what?–and agreed to meet her to pick up said dresser.  I was swinging by daycare to pick up Ms. A when it occurred to me that Chris might have a problem with me hauling a dresser into the car all by myself.  Skip to Chris on his way to a haircut appointment (Chris is clockwork with his haircuts, they have a SCHEDULE).  Skip to Ms. A is hot and hungry and tired in the backseat.  Skip to after a brief text series with my husband who told me to take myself and our daughter home and he would go pick the thing up himself.  Skip to the dresser did not come home with me but the three of us ended up at a very child friendly restaurant where a very nice waitress brought me lots of iced tea and I got a free meal because they were out of the ribs.  (Who runs out of ribs on Tuesday night?) then we all came home together and watched a little shark week programming while trying to teach Amelia that sharks do not say “caw, caw” like birds.  Read between the lines and you get the idea that Mareeka may have had a small epiphany about trying to accomplish too much in a short period of time and may have needed a little nudge to reign herself back to some common sense.

Moral:  Not really sure at this point what certain thing I can take away to prevent a recurrence of my near manic behavior except this:  shark week doesn’t come around all the time and sometimes you just have to slow down and recognize that there is something special going on and it is okay to stop your chores long enough to sit back and enjoy it.

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