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There is just something about a deadline…

July 26, 2011

There is just something about a deadline and a little bit of external pressure to get me motivated.  Today we set the date for Mr. T’s c-section and tonight I started preparing him a place to sleep.  I think it may be a little bit of second baby syndrome.  I may have just made that up.

Either way, I started painting the baby room tonight.  The plan is to paint the ceiling white–it is currently the same color as the beige walls and I don’t love it–and then paint some colored stripes on opposite walls and add some surf stuff or airplane stuff–I keep changing my mind.  I got as far as getting the ceiling taped off and getting it all cut in, twice and now I am sitting with my feet up.  Consequence of waiting this long to get started, I imagine.  I meant to take some before shots so the fabulous magic I work in there would be obvious.  I guess my word will have to suffice.

The other thing that has been holding me back has been Chris’s run of non-call time.  I like to do projects on his call week’s because I think he hates a project more than he hates my stinky feet.

Final thought of the day:  Who wants to start a pool to see if I make it to October 26?  My dad has already weighed in for October 22.

Here is a vacation photo to give you some perspective on my ever-growing belly:


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