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My name is Mareeka and I am a recovering slacker. It has been 17 days since my last post!

July 24, 2011

A whole lot has been NOT going on at my house lately and that is part of the reason I have been absent.  We have been on vacation for the last ten days (say it out loud with me–TEN DAYS!) and before that there was a flurry of preparation activity to get work and house in order to leave for that long.  We spent a glorious week at Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina and there will be more on that later with pics to follow, but here are the highlights:

1.  Amelia was great on the drive

2.  Vacationing with a 15 month old and a six month pregnant lady is maybe not as much fun for the husband/father as one might imagine

2b.  We had no internet access during our vacation, a blessing and a curse

3.  The beach is still restful regardless of how tired your little one is or how many times she runs headlong into the water becasue she has no sense of danger

4.  We caught up with a couple of old friends that we had not seen in a while and completely enjoyed ourselves


We are in recovery mode with a large trip to the grocery, yard work, laundry, getting ready for the week to come and of all the exciting things, I
can now perch a Diet Coke can very securely on my growing abdomen!  Yeah, baby!

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