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Pregnant and planning meals is tough, man!

July 5, 2011

So, Chris has had the aforementioned three week ends off in a row and there is a mere 11 days until we go to North Carolina for a week of R and R and I continue to gaze into my empty freezer.

I know I promised an insight into my cook day planning but instead you are going to get an insight into my pregnant psyche.  I am stumped.  I am having a hard time planning for a cook day when what I want to eat is being largely affected (or is it effected, I always get those two mixed up) by my ever growing, hormonal belly.  I had to resort to asking Christopher what he wanted to eat this week when I was menu planning on Saturday.  This always his first response “You always make stuff that I like”.  When I insist that he give me ideas he says “Pizza”. When I say I already have that down for one day and this is the least he can do…he says “You made something last week that I loved.  Remember, I told you it was restaurant quality? I can’t remember what it was, but it was really good!”  I say “Thanks” and turn to the internet. I have made a trip to the store and I now have steak, pork loin, salmon, and talapia in the freezer so I am looking for things that will go with that.

Here is the menu that I have settled:

1.  Salmon with scalloped potatoes and broccoli

2.  Grilled chicken with white bean and red pepper salad

3.  Grilled chicken cobb salad

4.  Fried rice (Chris finally made a request and I found a pack of Easter ham in the bottom of the meat drawer that needs to be used)

5.  Fish tacos

6.  Ham and potato casserole

7.  Pizza

We are on day three and I have completed items 1, 2, and 5. Chris has never had fish tacos so this will be a make it or break it meal!

If this week turns out to be anything like last week, Miss A and I will have cereal two nights and Chris will have soccer and work late and fend for himself. That is usually how things turn out so I always have at least one thing on the menu that I am pretty certain won’t see the light of day or holds out until next week.  Another factor last week was the fact that I am having some severe cravings that are taking over suppertime–one night I had ice cream for supper, I have had a real sweet tooth last week and nursed it by substituting sweets for real food.

This week I am having a salt tooth and have been craving everything salty–I am sitting here snacking on croutons because it is the only thing crunchy and salty still in the house.

So, I am not trying to fink out on you with the cook day thing, I am just in serious lack of inspiration and have been coasting through summer with the grill and fresh veggies (which, really, is pretty appropriate so I won’t apologize).

Stay tuned.  It will come to me after vacation and I will have this beautiful new chest freezer in my garage and a huge nesting instinct to store up food for the winter.

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