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This is what you get for calling me…

June 11, 2011

My friend Jeanne’ (that I mentioned in the previous blog) called me on the way home from work yesterday afternoon to reprimand me for overstating the cleanliness of her house–did I not say she would tell me that?  I am now going to publicly praise her further because I love her so much and she means so much to me.  And because public praise is too hard to come by as adults.

Jeanne and her husband Tim are what my husband refers to as “good people”  Not to many people make it onto his list.  Jeanne has been my friend since we were four years old and there are not many big moments in my life that she has not shared.  We got HISTORY!

She really is an inspiration to me in more ways than just how organized she runs her home.  She is one of those women to which motherhood just seems to come natural.  I remember watching her physically and spiritually relax with the arrival of her kids.  She takes life in stride–and she has had lots of big things in the last few years to get hung up on–and maintains such an even keel.  I may not know anyone that has a better handle on “it is what it is” than Jeanne’.  She is the serenity prayer on legs.

I appreciate her presence in my life and think she deserves a moment of kudos.  She is raising two great kids, she has a huge circle of friends and family, she is so reliable and dependable, she goes out of her way for me and I know for others.

I know tomorrow is Father’s Day and there will be more about that tomorrow, but today, I sing a song in praise of Jeanne’!


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  1. Hannah permalink
    June 14, 2011 2:37 am

    It’s true, Jeanne!

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